When Is A Phone Beyond Repair?

When Is A Phone Beyond Repair?

Monday 21st November 2016

Of course, a phone may hardly be considered irreparable because it was manufactured, and as such, parts that are not field-replaceable, or that some technicians would not attempt to fix, can be repaired by the manufacturer. A major factor to consider though is cost. What really will it cost? Another factor to consider is the lifetime of the phone after the repair. Let us look at a few cases where it might be too costly or uncertain to attempt to repair your beloved phone.

Water Damage
One of the most popular reasons why phones require repair is water damage. You may consult a professional to repair your phone. You may go through the struggle to recover precious data you don’t have anywhere else, but you may just need a new one. On the upside, Apple does trade-in on water-damaged phones at a lower value, but at least you get some of your money back.

Impact Damage
After the first few weeks/months of having your phone, you probably stop counting the number of times you’ve dropped it. If the phone has been run over or you find it in two pieces, after a reasonable assessment, it may be time to say goodbye.

Functional Defects
When the touchscreen response time is considerably slower or it’s unresponsive, the phone randomly restarts, the battery life is almost non-existent or other operating or physical issues prevail you may want to trade-in instead of fix.

Over time and especially if it has been exposed to water the parts in your phone may short out. When this happens it may not be feasible to repair the phone. The part(s) may be so corroded that the cost of repair may be more than the current value of the phone.

When deciding to abandon a phone it may be tough but the benefits may far outweigh the sentimentality.

Have you assessed if your phone is beyond repair? Feel free to visit us in store and watch out for our next article about second hands phone.