When Is A Second Hand Phone Appropriate?

When Is A Second Hand Phone Appropriate?

20 December 2016

Most people prefer their things new but with the expanding second-hand phone market, there may be a few cases where a second-hand phone is appropriate. Let us look at a few of them for you:

When purchasing phones for your children.
Your child doesn’t really need to have the latest phone. Especially if you are not sure how well the child will take care of the phone then you may want to start them out with a second-hand phone. That way you save money on the purchase and it’s not a very great loss if the phone gets lost or damaged.

It’s environmentally friendly.
Purchasing behaviour now reflects environmental consciousness and this is good. Why throw out a phone that is working perfectly fine? There is already enough non-functioning electronic waste being discarded. Besides, improper disposal increases toxic waste in our environment. Save the environment, buy a used phone today!

The purpose of the phone
You don’t need a new phone to take business calls on. There’s always the odd chance you may leave it lying around. A gaming phone doesn’t need to be new, neither does a phone you want to watch movies on.

Availability of Features
Chances are, that second-hand phone will be able to download your favourite apps and also offer customization and upgrade opportunities that new phones won’t.

How could we forget that second-hand phones, even lightly used ones are so much cheaper? You may just want a smartphone and have no particular preference. In this case, if a friend is upgrading and offers to sell you his/her phone that is in good condition and working properly go ahead and buy it.

If you have weighed all the factors and decided to purchase a second-hand phone, feel free to come in and choose from the wide variety we have available for you.