How Will 2017 Shape Up For The Smartphone Market?

How Will 2017 Shape Up For The Smartphone Market?

Monday 24th October 2016

2016 was an exciting year in the world of mobile phones. A lot of amazing new phone models were launched by several top manufacturers around the world. However, the Apple iPhone grabbed headlines yet again following the highly anticipated launch of the iPhone in September. Yet, towards the end of the year, Google grabbed the headlines too with the launch of its new phone the Google Pixel. Offerings from companies like Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei and Motorola also grabbed a lot of attention in 2016.

Looking at the trends that emerged in 2016, it seems likely that 2017 will bring even more great features for customers. Let’s look at some of the mobile phone trends that are set to lead 2017.


  1. Tougher screens


Have you ever cracked one of your smartphone screens? It probably was a harrowing experience. However, 2016 saw several mobile phone manufacturers launching models with tough and durable screens that brought an end to the ‘easily breaking screens nightmare. Many models of phones that are slated to be launched in 2017 will have screens that will not break or crack following a simple accidental fall. The iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 are already equipped with extra tough sapphire glasses and gorilla glasses respectively, while most major smartphone manufacturers have made stronger mobile screens their top priority for their 2017 flagship models.

 2. Faster charging

Phone models like the Google Pixel and the OnePlus 3 already come equipped with faster charging capabilities. In 2017, even more phones are set to come on the market with faster charging capabilities. Dash charging and QC 3.0 enabled chargers can easily charge phones to over 70% levels within 30 minutes. It will be rational to expect more phone manufacturers embracing these faster charging technologies in 2017.

3. Better protection against the elements

repair-labsExposure to water and dust are still among the major causes of phone damages. In 2017 though, the majority of the manufacturers are set to roll out phones with advanced IP ratings. Dust resistance will be the norm for most mobile sets, while many high end sets will also come with water resistant capabilities. The iPhone 7, for instance, has been designed to be water resistant with an IP67 rating. Most flagship models from major manufacturers can thus be realistically expected to come up with phone models that can deal with the normal environmental elements.


4. Better integration with gadgets

Gone are the days when mobile phones were meant to be a standalone system. The mobile phones of today are designed to easily work in a bigger ecosystem, consisting of other gadgets. Many high end phones of today now work together with VR devices and smartwatches. A lot of health product manufacturers have also began making devices that can use the advanced computing capabilities of the smartphone to benefit their customers. The public has also begun strongly favoring the integration of these gadgets with their smartphones and this trend will only keep growing in 2017.

5. Longer battery life

rl8While phone manufacturers have focused a lot of their energy on getting better performance, most ended up ignoring battery draining issues throughout the past decade. However, major manufacturers have lately begun focusing on getting more hours of battery life per charge. Models like the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 are already at least 20% more battery efficient than their predecessors. 2017 may be the year when most manufacturers will seriously begin focusing on battery performance.


  1. Wireless audio

Although enthusiasts are still strongly in favor of listening to their audio through the traditional wire-based headphones, the general preference is steadily shifting towards wireless audio. 2017 may thus be the landmark year, where more people will begin preferring wireless headphones in place of the wired versions.


Thus, 2017 is all set to be an exciting year for the smartphone market. There will be a paradigm shift in certain key aspects around the functionality and consumption of smart phones. It will be interesting to observe how major phone manufacturers will keep up with the times.

What trends do you think will dominate 2017? Let us know your views and suggestions.

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