How do I know if my phone has been wet?

There are normally two water indictors to be found. One can be located on the battery and the other on the handset. Before contact with moisture, indicators are white. Once they have been wet they will be red. You can also look for sign of water damage on the main PCB board where you can find corrosion or maybe even rust.

My phone is asking me for a PUK code what is this?

You are normally asked for a PUK code when you have entered your SIM card security code incorrectly 3 times. You can get the PUK code from your network provider free of charge by simply ringing them and give a few details such as your mobile phone number, the model of phone you are using and a few other personal details.

My phone keeps freezing/restarting and turning off?

Your phone will normally do this if there is a software problem of some kind. We can fix these problems hassle free. However, please be warned that you will normally lose the information on the handset i.e. contacts, pictures, text messages etc.

Before sending it to us you can try to reset the phone yourself. Depending on the handset you have, the setting to do this is normally found on the main menu -> settings -> security -> full factory reset. If you have a Nokia you can normally type in *#7370# or if you have a Samsung you can normally type in *2767*3855#. If the problem persists please do not hesitate to send your phone in.

I cannot remember my security code for my phone what can I do about it?

You should send it to us and book it in as a software problem. Once we receive the handset we can reset the code back to default, which depending on the model it is will either be 1234 /12345 or 00000000. We will post it back to you within 48 hours with the code. Please note that on selected handsets you may lose the data on the phone i.e. contacts, pictures, text messages etc. We will do our best to prevent this but we cannot guarantee it.

I have just dropped my phone in water/other liquid what do I do now?

Remove the battery from the phone and send it in ASAP! The quicker you can get the handset to us the better.

People can hear me speak but I cannot hear them what does this mean?

This normally means that your ear piece speaker on the phone needs to be replaced. We can fix this problem quick and easily. In rare occasions this can also be a software problem, or on a slide phone a possible ribbon/flex cable. Once we have received the phone, our engineers will look at it and give you a call if you have diagnosed it incorrectly before we carry any extra work out.

My phone keeps asking for a message centre number what is this and how do I get it?

You can get the message centre number from your network provider free of charge by simply giving them a call or going to one of their high street stores. The message centre allows your phone to send text messages as a SMS/ text message goes through your provider first before it reaches the recipient.

My phone battery doesn’t last as long as it did how can I fix this?

This normally means you need a new battery. You can purchase this from our website. There will be a model number on your battery which you can type into the search box, which you can find at the top of all our pages.

My phone has scratches all over it and looks a bit scruffy can anything be done about this?

Yes! We can refurbish most phones. We will replace the whole outer case of your mobile handset and make it look like new!

I want to swap networks can I keep my existing number?

You certainly can! All you need to do is call your current network provider and ask them for your PAC code then ring up the network provider you are moving to and give them the PAC code. It will normally take up to 3 days for your number to transfer across but is usually faster. Remember you may need to get you handset unlocked first.

What is the customer service number for my network?


Network From handset From landline
Vodafone 2345 0844 41 45 976
O2 4444 0870 600 3009
Orange 450 or 453 0844 496 3314
Virgin 789 0845 6000 789
T Mobile 150 08455 19 15 23
Three 333 08433 73 33 33
ASDA 2732 0845 303 2732
Tesco 2708 0845 301 4455
Talk mobile 5888 0870 071 5888
Lyca 322 0207 132 0322
GT Mobile 0207 1320303 0207 1320303
Vectone 111 020 7179 0134
Nomi 325 0845 504 9325
Lebara 5588 0870 075 5588



I can hear people speak on my phone but they cannot hear me what does this mean?

This normally means that you need a new microphone. To repair this, just select the make and model of phone, select microphone replacement and send it in for our engineers to work on.

I cannot hear my phone ring anymore.

First make sure your handset is not set to silent and that the volume is up high. If you are still not getting any sound from your mobile it is most likely to be the loudspeaker that needs replacing.

My phone will not let me make or receive calls?

The best thing to do in this situation is to check that the handset has not been reported lost or stolen. Please note that if you unlock a handset it will not change the fact that the device has been reported lost or stolen (blacklisted) and still will not make out-going calls. If your network provider informs you that your handset has not been reported lost or stolen, it could be down to software.

I cannot send picture messages or go on the internet on my phone?

This is most likely to be because you don’t have the right settings on your mobile phone you can get these free of charge from you network provider. If you are using a phone you have had unlocked and the software of that phone is branded (for example when you turn the phone on it comes up with the orange logo) you may need to send it into us to de-brand the phone this is no problem just book it in to us as a software problem.