iPhone Repair

iPhone Repair

Specialists in iPhone repair

At Repair Labs, we offer excellent local iPhone repair. Whether your iPhone has a cracked screen, water damage or it needs unlocking, we will have the perfect solution for you.

Sadly, iPhone’s are prone to scratching, smudges and cracks due to the lightweight and slender design of the model. If you haven’t thought about getting a protective phone case, there are some excellent ones out there on the market.

Some of our typical iPhone repairs are:

iPhone screen replacement

We’ve had numerous customers come to us because they’ve either dropped their phone or have. Fortunately, at Repair Labs, our highly skilled team are able to provide excellent repair to all screens within a few minutes.

iPhone Water Damage Repair

Having your phone subject to water or liquid damage can be a frustrating experience. You’ve probably heard of the old wives tale that if you were to put your phone in a bowl of dried rice, then the rice will suck up all of the moisture and your phone will be restored. Sadly, this approach doesn’t always work but at Repair Lab’s we’re confident we can solve your problems.

iPhone Microphone & Speaker Repair 

Broken microphone and speaker ports are common problems for the guys at Repair Lab’s. They are susceptible to water damage, sand and other forms of deterioration. We’ve years of experience in fixing these types of problems on iPhone’s so we feel confident enough to say we know what we’re doing.

Where do we operate?


We’ve been working in the Southampton area for some time now. You can find us in Asda superstore where our skilled staff will be happy to answer any questions. Please feel free to get in touch with the team over in Southampton.


Come and see the guys in the ‘Cash Recycle’ store on Portswood Road. They are happy to assist you with any problems regarding your device. Get in contact with them today and let them help you.


We are located within a Cash Recycle in Poole on Ashley Road. For more details regarding our location and to get in contact, please visit our contact page.


Repair Lab’s also operate in Bournemouth within a cash recycle on Wimborne Road. Visit our contact page for more information on our location, contact details and our opening times.


Repair labs offer iPhone repair in Eastleigh as well as a whole range of other devices. You can find us on Leigh Road within Pawnbroker. For more information regarding our contact details, location and opening times please visit our contact page.

Isle of White

Repair Lab’s now operate in the Isle of Wight and offer outstanding iPhone repair and other services for your devices. Please visit our contact page for more information regarding our shop opening times, location and contact details.

How do I get there?

At Repair Labs, we offer 2 types of services for you to choose from. We try and offer different types of services to suit your best convenience.


Please feel free to find us at any of our stores where we will be more than happy to fix your phone right away! With a number of locations to choose from, we hope that we are more accessible to our customers.


If you haven’t got the time to come to our local store, no problem at all. Please mail your iPhone with a description of the problem and we will endeavour to get back to you

For Enquiries please call us on 02380 631222

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