PC Repairs

PC Repairs

It’s no secret that PC’s are vital in our everyday lives. With many of us using a PC for work commitments, communication and general browsing, it’ highly frustrating when your PC goes down.

But don’t worry! At Repair Labs, we have our very own army of tech-savvy geeks that will be at your complete disposal for all of your PC problems. For PC repairs in Southampton and the surrounding areas, get in touch with one of our team who will be happy to arrange a visit.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the ability to source original or high quality replacement parts, meaning your PC will perform better and last longer.

PC repairs are traditionally more straightforward and cheaper to repair in comparison to laptops and notebooks. This is because most of the PC components are interchangeable meaning that the availability of spares is high.

There are a number of PC repairs that we have experience in dealing with:

Computer freezes

When your computer freezes, it’s usually a sign of an infected computer – often malware. It often installs itself when visiting infected websites or browsing without sufficient security measures in place. If you notice your computer freezing regularly, please get in touch and we should be able to diagnose the problem remotely. If you’ve got infected software, we’ll remove the offending programmes and ensure that your PC’s security is enhanced.

Computer wont start

There are many reasons as to why a computer wont start up and there are very little clues as to what is the problem. Whether it’s your motherboard, CPU or your power supply, we’ll be able to diagnose the problem and have your PC up and running in no time.

Blue screen of death

For those of you who have encountered this problem, please don’t worry. All is not lost, and it can be fixed. This problem usually occurs when you have overheating hardware, a corrupted RAM, a power source failure or hardware that is running past it’s maximum. Please take special note of the error message that displays on the screen as this will help us identify the problem quickly.

Slow Computer

If your computer is very slow, it’s probably because it’s clogged up with old files, idle programmes and the like. It’s also probably working too hard and is running over it’s maximum capacity. If this happens, please don’t worry, it can be fixed! We fix all the software problems, clean up your hard drive and operating system to ensure that the PC is back to it’s full speed.

For any other problems, please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please visit our contact page to find out which Repair Labs store is closest to you!